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National Tournament Series

Hobie Bass Open Series

This is revered as the most competitive series in kayak bass fishing. Some of the nation's best kayak bass anglers travel around the country to compete for AOY points, a chance to compete in the Tournament of Champions, and a chance to represent Team USA at Hobie Fishing Worlds.

BASS Nation Kayak Series

In 2020, Bassmaster announced their interest to become involved in the competitive kayak scene and interest amongst the nation's best anglers has been rising. Anglers compete in this series for a chance at AOY points, a chance to be spotlighted in an article in Bassmaster Magazine, and a chance at walking the Classic Stage at the Bassmaster Classic!

Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF)

This is the grand-daddy of competitive kayak fishing and one of the most well-known organizations in the sport. Chad Hoover and the crew at KBF brought this sport to the mainstage and laid the groundwork for what it has become today. Anglers of all skillsets compete in KBF chasing AOY points through popular offerings such Monthly State Challenges, Regional Challenges, and Trail Series Events. All culminating at the widely popular KBFNC (National Championship). 

KBF is a partner affiliate with MinnYak and many of our members compete in their state and regional challenges. As part of our partnership, MinnYak also gets to award spots to the KBFNC for individuals who qualify through our event series. We greatly appreciate their partnership!

All-American Kayak Series

This one's for those of us in the Midwest!

The AAKS was formed by a group of highly respected and well-known individuals who are active and prominent in the competitive kayak community. In 2020 they formed this idea of bringing elite-level competition to the anglers in the upper mid-west and it has blossomed into what is becoming one of the top event series in the country! 

Anglers compete for AOY points and a chance to compete in the All-American Kayak Classic. This is one of the only event series out there which allows clubs and leagues to submit a team of anglers to compete for a best overall team award at their championship and we at MinnYak take full advantage of that for our members by sponsoring the MinnYak Elite Team.

The AAKS is a partner affiliate with MinnYak and we often hold a joint event with them on the Mississippi River in La Crosse, WI. Many of our anglers compete in their series as well and we greatly appreciate their partnership!

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