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MinnYak Rules Standards 

Catch-Photo-Release (CPR)

As a league, we practice and promote the use of Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) style events. This is common practice in the kayak fishing community and is starting to gain popularity with some of the boat fishing leagues and event series. 

What does this mean?
Catch-Photo-Release, or "CPR" as it is commonly referred to, entails the catching of a fish, measuring and/or photographing the catch using an approved measuring device with or without a specific identifier, and then releasing back to the lake. 

Why CPR?
CPR greatly reduces the risk of injury and/or death of the fish caused by excessive handling and storage in a live well or other type of fish transportation system. This also allows the fish to be placed back into its natural habitat without transporting it back to a "weigh-in" area.

Protecting our fisheries for future generations is the goal. 


How do you score a CPR style tournament?

CPR tournaments are scored based on total length vs. weight. Fish are measured in 1/4" increments using an approved measuring device such as a metal Ketch board or Hawg Trough. 

How do you prevent cheating (catching fish prior to the event, photoshop, etc.)?
Easy. Events series that utilize the CPR method typically have the following safeguards in place to prevent cheating:


  • Tournament Management Software: Tournament management software such as TourneyX or Fishing Chaos has built in software which allows an angler to upload their catch in real-time on the water via their cell phone. This system allows a judge to review photos and verify that the tournament's photo criteria has been met and also verify the date, time, and location the photo was taken. They are also able to confirm whether the photo has been altered in any way. They can then choose to accept/reject the photo and communicate directly with the angler if there are any issues. Scoring is then updated in real-time.

  • Tournament Identifier: A tournament Identifier can be an actual card, document/photo, or code that needs to be in photos of fish submissions. These identifiers and/or codes are not given out until the start of the event and are usually selected in secret by a tournament director or judge in charge of the event. This helps to eliminate the ability of an angler to submit photos of fish caught prior to release of this identifier. You can see examples of this in the various photos posted on our website.

  • Unique Photo Criteria: Each event series may have their own specific photo requirements that must be met in order for a catch to be deemed eligible in the event. You can see an example of this by opening our Rules Standard document noted above. 

​How do you create the drama of competitive angling?
Having the ability to track scores in real-time creates a new type of drama for competitive anglers and the community following along at home. As an angler competing in this style of an event, you have the ability to see how well other anglers are doing and where you currently stand amongst the field which can influence your decisions as the event progresses. Most event series will turn off the leaderboard towards the end of the event to create the dramatic effect of not knowing the final standings until announced at an awards ceremony. Whether you wait to submit your fish or you need to find a few cell bars, your final standings can change drastically in the waning hours of the event.

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